GOOD NEWS: I finally got the replacement power supply I needed, based on this post.

BAD NEWS: ...My PC can't boot. Period. I never made it past the BIOS.

Based on yet more trial and error, I can only go as far as the BIOS Setup (F1)--IF I keep my SATA HDD disconnected! I can't even go to the boot menu (Esc) anymore!!! I had thoughts of trying the miracle of booting into CD-ROM to see if it were possible to clone a factory-restored HDD image from one USB HDD to another, and booting from it, just to see if I could reflash my BIOS to fully working order, but apparently, even that ain't possible! x.x

Oh, and the BIOS could see the SATA HDD, but it hangs.

So, apparently, I have a partially-working BIOS now, I'm GUESSING caused by the sudden heatstroke outages my PC suffered two Sundays ago. What do I do? (keeping in mind that I myself can't afford 'professional' PC repairs, as I just spent $60 on a hopefully much-needed power supply)
It's like this. While watching Funday's temporary replacement last night, my PC was working fine one minute, and the next...

Everything shut down at once. Video card, HDD's, Processor and System fans, EVERYTHING.

I did a buttload of Trial and error, and I think I found the culprit: The power supply's fan no longer spins.

I tried taking it apart and blowing the dust out of it (and believe me, there was a TON of dust in there from the 3-4 years it's been installed.)

An hour later, I put it back together. And yet a few minutes later, when I tried opening more than one program at once, nearly overheating my system; instead of stressing itself out, my system was like, "fuckit", and shut down AGAIN, like before, confirming my suspicions.

In short:

I am online to a limited degree until further notice!

So, now, I'm asking for suggestions for a replacement power supply, keeping in mind the following specs:

Bestec model ATX-400, rev. T1

Input: 100-127V/200-240V~, 10A/5A 60/50Hz
Output: 400W max
+12Va =-=-= / 17A +12Vb =-=-= / 10A
+5V =-=-= / 20A -12V =-=-= / 0.8A
+3.3V =-=-= / 15A +5VSB =-=-= 2A

Power Plug Assignments:
P1: 24-pin Master Plug
P2-P6: IDE-compatible 4-Pin (x5)
P7: 4-pin "P4" CPU Plug
P8: 4-pin Floppy Drive Compatible
P9-P10: SATA Compatible 15-pin (x2)

The preceding were the specs of my OLD power supply. I'd guess the replacement should be 500 watts or more, not to mention, support ALL the plugs I mentioned, but I also want said supply to be built by a reputable manufacturer. If you know of any replacements, please respond to this post.

Thank you for your time...
The Yak in question being Jeff [ profile] stinkygoat Minter, for he created the one game I played for the Atari Jaguar, Tempest 2000. Here, in its entirety, is my first ever post on his YakYak forums.

Quoth myself on YakYak:

Hey guys, I'm new here but, boy do I have a story for you!

The story began in early 1994, when I got the issue of GamePro that happened to have a review of Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. It was one of the few games to score two 5 ratings and 2 4.5's for graphics, sound, control and fun factor, I forget which (Googling be damned; GamePro don't even have that Jag T2K review on its site anymore! x.x), which got me the urge to try the game myself. Sometime.

Fast forward to Friday, May 20th, 1994, the day of my Confirmation. Sometime after the confirmation, I decided, with the money I acquired up to that point, to actually go to Blockbuster, and rent a Jag console, with T2K, of course. I came for the techno-rave music, but I was hooked by the game itself! O.o

I actually wanted a Jag after that! The giant obstacle, however, was the $250 pricetag! The weird thing is that Blockbuster then added this $100-for-collateral policy for console rentals, which I was lucky to not be a victim of... My dad, who was with me on a window shopping trip to The Wiz, might've been quoted as saying, "ooh.... No wonder Blockbuster wanted that $100!" Ultimately, I never did get that Jaguar. :P

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I discovered this emulator, simply named Tempest 2000, based on the game it was made for (Project Tempest indeed!)... Everything was locked at a smooth 60FPS, the webs were drawn perfectly, even more so than depicted on the screenshot at the T2K entry at Wikipedia (prolly from Project Tempest), It's what a Jag emulator should be! I'm hooked! Thanks, Dio! Also, thanks go to the almighty Yak himself, for putting his trippy-hippy spin on an arcade classic! :D

Oh, and incidentally, thanks, Muttley for making me a member, despite what I went through! ;)

P.S.: Not too long ago, I happened to post a forum topic to Atari Age's Jaguar Section. I figured the emulator was that good, so why not? ;)

End quote.

BTW, Yak, I mean it when I say thanks, because I really wanted the Jag version, but I couldn't afford to get the game, much less the console at the time. x.x
Okay, a brainburner for those in the New York City/Long Island area, anyone who's within the service area of CW11 New York...

There was an era affectionately known as the Post-11-Alive Era. That era brought along a new V/O announcer for that era's continuity. The same announcer had the pleasure of V/O'ing the final episodes of WGN's Bozo Super Sunday Show, being that it, like WPIX, is a Tribune property. That very same announcer, though you might not know it, also did the current ad campaign of a certain Southern Florida radio station called The Eagle.

Who the hell IS he?!?

Really! I wanna know! I mean this guy at the time, was an equivalent of Ernie "The Loooove Boat" Anderson, being the "Voice of ABC" in the late-70's and throughout the 80's (maybe even the 90's) I wanna know who that voice of WPIX IS!!!

But I digress. Please forgive me for not posting in almost a year! I've lost Internet in late march, got it back in January and I make my comeback with this?, you may think. I just simply never knew til now what to post. :P

Anyway, you know the drill... ;)

EDIT: erm, nevermind... After a YouTube binge, I found the guy... Goes by the name of Doug Paul. The fact that he don't even have a Wikipedia Page fueled my curiosity, sorry! XD
Okay, I fiddled with the layout to get it to something resembling its former glory...  It's not perfect, but it'll do, for now... :/

I basically switched it to the classic S2 style, not being able to do much more than that...

So [ profile] rcoony, if you were thinking of posting the entry before, don't, for this post tells all! ;)
Okay, for those of you that actually look at my LJ Page, don't ask me why my page suddenly changed from its former layout to this last night, because frankly, I do not know! :P

Might's well be some Glitch in the LJ Matrix or something... ;)
Apparently, the folks that made AIM just started this new mail service, automatically getting me a new email address. It is:

DonnellyJohnF at

Weirdly enough, it too, has 2 gigabytes of storage, just like my other two email addresses. That means I have a total of SIX GIGABYTES!!!

Cannnn youuu dig iiiit? ;D

EDIT: I just learned upon surfing the AIM website that the new email addy is just a nice little side-effect of the all-new AIM Triton, which, at the time I'm writing this, is up to version 1.0.3.
It's a long story, but in a nutshell, here it is:  My aunt (who shall remain anonymous) bought me a new PC (not a monitor, or a printer, or anything else; the PC alone!) for about $1,250 before rebates ($100).  She got me this new system as a Christmas gift, provided I let go of my old system for the purpose of selling it for enough cash to offset the one-and-a-quarter grand some.

Soon after I got home, our neighbor-slash-best-friend (who also shall remain nameless) learned of the new system, and its stipulations, and immediately said "I want the old system; how much would you like for it?"  I said the most appropriate thing in mind for a 1.2GHz Athlon system with a 60-gig HD and 768 megs of ram: "$200."  "I'LL TAKE IT!!!"  Yes, she was that desparate!  In fact, she told me to call my aunt so she'll 'do business' with her.  She then decided, due to her eBay studies of similar systems (She too, needed only the system!), to raise the price to $250!  With people like her, who needs eBay? :P

Anyway, she'll be ready to transfer the cash to me on the 29th, with me transferring said cash to my aunt afterwards.  Soon my new All-In-Wonder thing might potentially be a reality! XD
Dec... 13... 2005!!!!!

I'll be back!
Nanaca-Crash! Instructions here! Go! Play!! NOW!!!

(EDIT!: New personal record: 7,402.39m)
(EDIT PART DEUX!!: Okay, someone named Josh Philips ([ profile] staedtler) created what appears to be the official Nanaca-Crash LJ Post!)
(EDIT PART TROIS!!!: Okay, I stand corrected; THIS is the official Nanaca-Crash LJ Post (courtesy [ profile] gwalla); the last one was merely a link from Jen's LJ entry to another record-displaying LJ post from another user. :))
Sue, if you're reading this, just as a gift for your Eagles giving our Buccaneers the Vince Lombardi trophy two years ago, I'm eagerly gonna root for y'all this year. I dunno if it's someone from Lakeland, Florida; or that construction worker suddenly being summoned to his NFL dream job, just for the Bowl (Hint, they're both Eagles); but this year, I'll definitely root with you, Sue!

There's a new Disaster Labs game out called Power Failure.  Try it. That is all. :)
Oh, and if you're reading this, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry ChristMaHanuKwanZaKah... or something. :P

Okay, if you're wondering, yes, I did fall off the edge of the earth--poverty pushed me! I didn't even know the Internet was gonna be shut off 'til the morning of the 4th of October!  I mean I used it like normal, went to sleep and POOF! It was gone! :/

We were without the Net for about 2 months when we finally got enough to put it back on, late November.  We paid the bill, even asking for the DSL service exactly one month to the day ago, only to have Verizon's collective hands slap each other AGAIN!

We called Tech Support a few times, they might've jerked us around, but they gave us 2 free months of DSL. ;)  Anyway, another bout of miscommunication made us believe it was gonna be reconnectted on the 20th, when that was actually the day the order got sent! *sigh...*

On a sidenote, my widowed aunt took me Christmas shopping, 2 days later (yesterday to the calendarically-challenged). We got camcorder acessories, including a tripod and a 57" OSN MX1000, while my nephew ironically already got the 61" OSN MX2000, which even comes with its own carrying case!

And also, you've all heard of the Nintendo DS?  I was right, that thing's a temporary rarity--good thing I got it!  See, one of the aunt's daughters was on a quest to get me one, searching high and low for it!  Good thing she found one at a Toys R Us in Bradenton, FL!  She got a bundle pack including the DS, Spider-Man 2, and some starter kit by Intec.  Yes, Virginia, JFD got a DS! XD

When we came home, I made sure to check my modem, and surprisingly, the Net's BACK ON!!!  And they said it was gonna be on by the 28th! :P

So, long story short, I'm happier than a pig in slop that I got a DS and The Net back on before Christmas!  So what'd I miss? ;)
Okay, normally I wouldn't post so on-a-whimmishly as I seem to be doing right now, but I discovered something: a Mozilla (FireFox) plugin that lets you do anything LJ, from within FireFox!  I personally want to thank the MozDev peeps that made the marriage of FireFox and LiveJournal possible! XD
Okay, for those that missed it, there was another picture here, this time depicting the track of Hurricane Jeanne, which hit the Tampa Bay area as a tropical storm and was powerful enough to knock out our power for 24 straight hours after teasing our household with one-second-long outages umpteen times... :/
Introducing the next All-In-Wonder!
Okay, now that Ivan officially passed Florida, I'm gonna issue an apology to the folks in its path.  For although we in the Bay Area and Central and Southern Florida, heck everyone but the Panhandle, made it unharmed, I can't help but feel severely sorry for the folks in the aforementioned Florida Panhandle, Alabama and parts of Southeastern Mississippi for being there when Ivan made landfall as a Cat. 3.  May I wish them as speedy a recovery as possible, and may the flood water quickly be dried by the sun.
...has disappeared. It was getting stale. Go away! :P

Okay, kidding; it was a pic of Hurricane Ivan's path though. It obviously listened to my suggested song and went west! But it still affected our Panhandle. Oh well...
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