The Yak in question being Jeff [ profile] stinkygoat Minter, for he created the one game I played for the Atari Jaguar, Tempest 2000. Here, in its entirety, is my first ever post on his YakYak forums.

Quoth myself on YakYak:

Hey guys, I'm new here but, boy do I have a story for you!

The story began in early 1994, when I got the issue of GamePro that happened to have a review of Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. It was one of the few games to score two 5 ratings and 2 4.5's for graphics, sound, control and fun factor, I forget which (Googling be damned; GamePro don't even have that Jag T2K review on its site anymore! x.x), which got me the urge to try the game myself. Sometime.

Fast forward to Friday, May 20th, 1994, the day of my Confirmation. Sometime after the confirmation, I decided, with the money I acquired up to that point, to actually go to Blockbuster, and rent a Jag console, with T2K, of course. I came for the techno-rave music, but I was hooked by the game itself! O.o

I actually wanted a Jag after that! The giant obstacle, however, was the $250 pricetag! The weird thing is that Blockbuster then added this $100-for-collateral policy for console rentals, which I was lucky to not be a victim of... My dad, who was with me on a window shopping trip to The Wiz, might've been quoted as saying, "ooh.... No wonder Blockbuster wanted that $100!" Ultimately, I never did get that Jaguar. :P

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I discovered this emulator, simply named Tempest 2000, based on the game it was made for (Project Tempest indeed!)... Everything was locked at a smooth 60FPS, the webs were drawn perfectly, even more so than depicted on the screenshot at the T2K entry at Wikipedia (prolly from Project Tempest), It's what a Jag emulator should be! I'm hooked! Thanks, Dio! Also, thanks go to the almighty Yak himself, for putting his trippy-hippy spin on an arcade classic! :D

Oh, and incidentally, thanks, Muttley for making me a member, despite what I went through! ;)

P.S.: Not too long ago, I happened to post a forum topic to Atari Age's Jaguar Section. I figured the emulator was that good, so why not? ;)

End quote.

BTW, Yak, I mean it when I say thanks, because I really wanted the Jag version, but I couldn't afford to get the game, much less the console at the time. x.x



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