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It's like this. While watching Funday's temporary replacement last night, my PC was working fine one minute, and the next...

Everything shut down at once. Video card, HDD's, Processor and System fans, EVERYTHING.

I did a buttload of Trial and error, and I think I found the culprit: The power supply's fan no longer spins.

I tried taking it apart and blowing the dust out of it (and believe me, there was a TON of dust in there from the 3-4 years it's been installed.)

An hour later, I put it back together. And yet a few minutes later, when I tried opening more than one program at once, nearly overheating my system; instead of stressing itself out, my system was like, "fuckit", and shut down AGAIN, like before, confirming my suspicions.

In short:

I am online to a limited degree until further notice!

So, now, I'm asking for suggestions for a replacement power supply, keeping in mind the following specs:

Bestec model ATX-400, rev. T1

Input: 100-127V/200-240V~, 10A/5A 60/50Hz
Output: 400W max
+12Va =-=-= / 17A +12Vb =-=-= / 10A
+5V =-=-= / 20A -12V =-=-= / 0.8A
+3.3V =-=-= / 15A +5VSB =-=-= 2A

Power Plug Assignments:
P1: 24-pin Master Plug
P2-P6: IDE-compatible 4-Pin (x5)
P7: 4-pin "P4" CPU Plug
P8: 4-pin Floppy Drive Compatible
P9-P10: SATA Compatible 15-pin (x2)

The preceding were the specs of my OLD power supply. I'd guess the replacement should be 500 watts or more, not to mention, support ALL the plugs I mentioned, but I also want said supply to be built by a reputable manufacturer. If you know of any replacements, please respond to this post.

Thank you for your time...
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