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Oh, and if you're reading this, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry ChristMaHanuKwanZaKah... or something. :P

Okay, if you're wondering, yes, I did fall off the edge of the earth--poverty pushed me! I didn't even know the Internet was gonna be shut off 'til the morning of the 4th of October!  I mean I used it like normal, went to sleep and POOF! It was gone! :/

We were without the Net for about 2 months when we finally got enough to put it back on, late November.  We paid the bill, even asking for the DSL service exactly one month to the day ago, only to have Verizon's collective hands slap each other AGAIN!

We called Tech Support a few times, they might've jerked us around, but they gave us 2 free months of DSL. ;)  Anyway, another bout of miscommunication made us believe it was gonna be reconnectted on the 20th, when that was actually the day the order got sent! *sigh...*

On a sidenote, my widowed aunt took me Christmas shopping, 2 days later (yesterday to the calendarically-challenged). We got camcorder acessories, including a tripod and a 57" OSN MX1000, while my nephew ironically already got the 61" OSN MX2000, which even comes with its own carrying case!

And also, you've all heard of the Nintendo DS?  I was right, that thing's a temporary rarity--good thing I got it!  See, one of the aunt's daughters was on a quest to get me one, searching high and low for it!  Good thing she found one at a Toys R Us in Bradenton, FL!  She got a bundle pack including the DS, Spider-Man 2, and some starter kit by Intec.  Yes, Virginia, JFD got a DS! XD

When we came home, I made sure to check my modem, and surprisingly, the Net's BACK ON!!!  And they said it was gonna be on by the 28th! :P

So, long story short, I'm happier than a pig in slop that I got a DS and The Net back on before Christmas!  So what'd I miss? ;)



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