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Okay, a brainburner for those in the New York City/Long Island area, anyone who's within the service area of CW11 New York...

There was an era affectionately known as the Post-11-Alive Era. That era brought along a new V/O announcer for that era's continuity. The same announcer had the pleasure of V/O'ing the final episodes of WGN's Bozo Super Sunday Show, being that it, like WPIX, is a Tribune property. That very same announcer, though you might not know it, also did the current ad campaign of a certain Southern Florida radio station called The Eagle.

Who the hell IS he?!?

Really! I wanna know! I mean this guy at the time, was an equivalent of Ernie "The Loooove Boat" Anderson, being the "Voice of ABC" in the late-70's and throughout the 80's (maybe even the 90's) I wanna know who that voice of WPIX IS!!!

But I digress. Please forgive me for not posting in almost a year! I've lost Internet in late march, got it back in January and I make my comeback with this?, you may think. I just simply never knew til now what to post. :P

Anyway, you know the drill... ;)

EDIT: erm, nevermind... After a YouTube binge, I found the guy... Goes by the name of Doug Paul. The fact that he don't even have a Wikipedia Page fueled my curiosity, sorry! XD



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